Do you ever worry about condensation in your home? Most homeowners might not think too much of it, but in reality, it can prove to be a serious problem if it happens in the wrong place.

Condensation is formed whenever hot, moist air hits a cool surface. You probably see it happening on your windows in the colder months of the air, as well as on mirrors in the bathroom after a hot shower. While it might not necessarily be a big issue in locations such as those, where it can be wiped off easily, it is more of a problem when it happens in a hidden away place where it isn’t taken care of. This is what can lead to wood rot and mold growth in your basement or attic if condensation forms there.

If you have areas of your home that get very humid, you should either get better ventilation there or make use of a dehumidifier that can lower the water content in the air.

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