Keeping windows clean doesn’t have to be left to the professionals, especially when there is only one window in the house that has a mark or smudge on it. Why not clean it yourself?

To get started all you will need is a liquid cleaning solution and a cloth or wipe. Some of the best cleaning solutions are something you probably already have in your home or tool shed, such as vinegar or acetone. And if you don’t have a microfiber cloth, you can just use paper towelling.

Begin by adding some of the cleaning solution to the cloth and then lightly rubbing the mark. You may need to use more solution or press a little harder for stubborn marks, but be careful not to scratch the glass surface. Once the mark has been removed, wipe the window with some water and immediately dry it, to avoid leaving streaks.

It’s that easy! In just a few minutes your window will shine without disturbing your view of the outdoors.

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