As summer approaches, we all tend to leave windows open to get some fresh, cool air. What could possibly be wrong with that? Well, unfortunately, many children fall out of windows every year, sometimes to tragic consequences. So what can you, as a caring parent, do to keep this from happening? Of course, if you choose to have your windows open, you should never leave your child alone in the room with the window open. You should also take a few additional precautions to minimize the risk that your child has an accident if you were to be distracted momentarily for some reason.

Having a sturdy bug screen installed can help, but this is not made to prevent falls, so it should not be relied on as a safety feature on its own. Having a soft surface underneath your windows, will also minimize the risk of serious damage if a fall were to happen.

You should also make sure that you always close the latches on the windows after they have been opened.

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