Having a Home Inspection when you are purchasing a property is a good idea. A lot of issues are often found in the crawlspace which if accessible is one of the areas that should be fully inspected by a qualified Home Inspector. The picture above shows a section of HVAC ductwork that was disconnected in the crawlspace. Loss of conditioned air being pumped in the crawlspace and adding possibly hundreds of dollars to your fuel/energy bill.

Crawlspaces are places we tend to forget about. Years go by before anyone might enter the area and look for any issues that might be damaging the structure or wasting energy. Water supply leaks, waste line leaks, insulation out of place, water intrusion, vermin or WDO intrusion, damage to ductwork and foundation movement. The list could go on. Usually, by the time these type of issues are noted on the exterior of the structure, there is already a lot of damage to members on the interior of the crawlspace.

Even if you are not selling or buying property. If you are a homeowner or an elderly homeowner and you have a home that you want to make sure there are no hidden surprises. You might have lived there for decades but materials age, wear out and deteriorate and most of the time they are hidden from plain view. I would recommend calling a reputable Home Inspector and have them do a Home Maintenance Inspection for you.

Finding and correcting the issues early can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

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