When it comes to clutter, there really are 2 sorts of people. Those that are bothered by it and those that aren’t. While the purpose of this blog isn’t to judge or make you feel bad about your choice, there is good reason to overcome your clutter if you are planning on selling your home. While you might feel like your home should be able to speak for itself, if you have a lot of clutter and mess around the home, it can definitely have a negative impact on your ability to sell it.

One problem is that a potential buyer might be wondering if there isn’t enough storage space in the home, which has lead to everything being out in the open. A lot of clutter could actually make your home appear smaller than it is.

Another issue is that clutter gives plenty of hiding places for pests and other issues, so that could also make a buyer beware.

On top of that, a cluttered home just does not look as nice as one that is in good order. So, if you have a tendency to have a little bit of a mess in your home, fighting that tendency when you are trying to sell your home can have a very positive effect.

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