New Start Home Inspections

Services Offered


Pricing can differ because of size, age and location. Call me today for a fair price and a professional home inspection. My commitment is to your satisfaction.  I serve the entire SF Bay area.


Type of Inspections Offered

#1 A Buyer or Seller Home Inspection

#2 Manufactured home Inspections 

#3 Condo Inspections 

#4 Town Home Inspections 

#5 10 Month Home Warranty Inspection 

I provide a unbiased 3rd party summary report listing any defects with pictures that you can present to your builder before you 12 month warranty expires.

#6 Home Maintenance Inspection

I don't  try to sell you anything. I just give you a honest report of the condition of your home, listing in a summary with pictures any major or minor defects that should be addressed to maintian the value in your home.

#7 Separate systems check Electrial, HAVC, Plumbing, Crawl space,

#8 Mold inspections conducted using IAC2 standards.


I strongly encourage the buyer to be present at the inspection in case they have any specific concerns or questions.

When booking the inspection, please strive to make sure there is proper access to attics, crawlspaces and electric panels. And all power and gas services are on.

To book your inspection call me direct at 925-783-1765 or e-mail me at

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